The Ugly Truth About Sharing Beauty Tips

I had to do it… I couldn’t let this topic slip by us. I know we can get caught up in wanting to learn how to do the perfect eye liner. Questions about what colors work best for ‘me’ pop up all over the internet. The idea that makeup can be so general is like playing truth or dare with your beauty look. Getting the truth about what works for you may not be something that can be learned in a general conversation. And, learning in a generalized setting can be like taking a dare from a friend who is setting you up. I will say this… Be careful who you take beauty tips from. And, the problem may not be that the person giving the tips is not qualified to do so. The problem may be that the information you are receiving may not be specific enough for YOU! We all have our own unique and individual personality, style and reason for wearing certain looks. Beauty (and fashion) should be treated as individualized services. Be careful about just learning broad beauty.  Figure out who you want to be learning from and stick closely to them. And don’t be afraid to have more than one ‘beauty coach’; but, make sure you are getting beauty advice that works for YOU!!!

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