The Truth Is You Are Not The Only Person Concerned About Going For The Goals

Go For The Goal

Are you a mom like make who feels 1000 % on top of the world when my kid is achieving great things?? I am a worker bee and I love to build. I work at building a stronger and stronger foundation daily. However, nothing makes my heart sing louder than seeing Ms Nevaeh set a goal, go after it and (yep) achieve it! I love saying that I’m a proud mama!!!  But, in all that the family has going on at any given time, we all have to stay on top and things and track even more things than we want to.

The thing is, tracking has proved itself over and over again in my home. We track everything from school dates, work dates, play dates, daily to dos, household chore lists… You name it, we probably track it! And in all the things we have to track , what I have found is that it makes life more fun and much more enjoyable when we can AT LEAST track some of the things that will bring us joy when we accomplish them. For example, my little lady Nevaeh likes to read, BUT, because of our busy schedule she tends to forget the importance of doing it daily to build stronger with the skill (she’s only in 3rd grade… so still lots of practice needed). I love it that her school participates in an Accelerated Readers Program. The students read books at school and at home, take test at school for points, rack up those points in order to win prizes and other rewards. This makes Nevaeh competitive about her wins and she tends to focus more on the reading that needs to get done each day. The more points she is tracking the more reading she needs to get done! I love to see her set her goals and go for the wins! It’s exciting for both her and me. But, it all starts with the plan. And, not just the plan for this one thing; but, how about having you child start mastering the art of writing out his/her long term, short term, weekly and daily goals? It’s actually pretty fun to see your child mapping out his/her mini dreams. And, know that this will help to make them much more productive from day to day is a WIN FOR YOU MOM!!!!

To help you and your awesome little one with this here’s a great downloadable Go For The Goal Setting Sheet. Your kid will have fun while dreaming bigger and you (mom) will be smiling pretty because you are helping to develop the winner inside of your little “mini me”!

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