Have you ever wondered, are all massages the same? Are the effects long lasting? Is massage just for adults? The following myth busters will help you to understand true benefits of massage.

Myth 1: A Massage Is A Massage — No Matter Where You Go

Actual Fact: Not all massages are created equal. And neither are the therapists. There are many different massage techniques and specialty type massages. There are massages that focus purely on relaxation. Then there are massages that focus on deep muscle stimulation. There are massages that are rendered in a spa setting for recreational healing. And, hopefully this is not where you will need to receive massage; but certain massages take place in hospitals and clinics for physical healing therapy. Massage therapists promote healing and work in a variety of settings. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to find the best massage type and setting for you.

Myth 2: The Effects Of Massage Are ONLY Temporary

Actual Fact: Massage does more than manipulate muscles. The therapy is utilized to stretch tightened areas of the fascia (the tissue layer connecting muscles) bones and organs. Massage can manually move fluids to loosen joints, reduce swelling and make movement easier. Massage can also help increase circulation of the blood, which moves nutrients through the body and speeds the healing process. A good massage therapist does more than address temporary aches and pains. He or she wants you to be as comfortable as possible after the massage’s effects wear off. Muscles have a long memory. So, holding them in an awkward position (like positioning your neck forward to see a computer at work) can cut off nerve pathways; and, your body will remember that. This triggers neck and shoulder tension, upper back pain, and sometimes numbness and tingling down through the hands. Regular massages allows a therapist to address your pain patterns and re-educate your muscles to improve body mechanics and posture. This give your body more health for the long haul.

Myth 3: Massage Is ONLY For Adults

Actual Fact: Massage is a form of touch therapy that has been prevalent for centuries. It conveys to the child a sense of security and trust that is very essential for the newcomer into this world. Even as children grow and mature, massage therapy can act as a stress buster for them. Children respond very positively to any form of massage. It is probably the sense of touch and the bonding it brings that has such a therapeutic effect on the child being massaged. One may find that the child falls asleep while being massaged. This is a positive sign and points to the positive effects of the therapy. Relaxation is needed for children’s busy little bodies, and sometimes it is difficult for them to settle down. Touch is a sense that is one of the first to be developed in humans and probably all forms of life; so, why wouldn’t it be key therapy for (at least) all humans adult ages and child ages the same?

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