Sometimes You Just Need A Refresher Course

So, this past weekend, I had to pull out the ‘big guns’. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Although I spend majority of my daylight hours focusing on being the best darn business woman I can be, it is still my top priority to keep my home life balanced and in order.  I have my own reasons for making this my top priority; but, I don’t want to fade your thinking of what you feel your top priorities should be.  And, I definitely want you to have your own reasons why.  However, I’m thinking that some of the reasons that are on the top of most of our lists are because:

-We want our families to feel loved and cared for.

– We focus and function better in outside aspects when our inside (home) life is functioning in order.

– As women, we feel like our world is out of wack when our house is!

Did I hit on your mode of thinking??

Well, ok… Yep all of these things were going thru my mind.  And, honestly house keeping is one of those things that I just don’t USUALLY get excited about. Buuuuuut, after some goal setting, action taking and then reflection, I realized that it wasn’t so much of what I wasn’t excited about.  It was more of the idea that I had forgotten some of the best ways of getting the house keeping done!  So, what did I do?

1. I set the goal. – When I woke up on Saturday morning I knew that I had to get my house in order. My desire was for it to smell like the first day of Spring. 🙂

2. I took action. – Here’s where the ‘big guns’ came into play. I called my house managing expert.WAIT!!!  Don’t get discouraged!! It DOES NOT have to be a professional cleaning service! This expert can be a family member or a friend who you have noticed has great skills at keeping there house in order.  You know, the one you notice that every time you go to there home it looks great and smells great too. Ask for the help you need!  Your friends and family will help you!

3. I took time to reflect. – Of course, while I had my expert’s full attention, I asked lots of questions.  I watched what she was doing. I purchased supplies she recommended.  I wanted to update my memory and knowledge base in order to prevent what I was feeling before she had come out to help. This was my refresher course!  I knew how to clean; but, some areas in my systems were causing me to fail at getting certain things accomplished.

Now you may be saying ‘really all of this to clean your house’.  YES! This was THAT THING, for me, that was weighing me down emotionally, physically and mentally.  My focus was not 100 % when I was doing other things; because, I was always thinking of what needed to be done in my home.  For you, it may be something totally different.  But, whatever it is in your life that you are not successfully accomplishing on a regular basis, consider a refresher!  I may change your life… At least it will change your energy level!




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