Why I Do Not Wear A ‘Full Face’ Of Makeup Everyday

Have you ever seen someone walk past you in ‘Full Glam’ and you think to yourself, “I’m not doing that everyday”? Well you are not alone; because, I think the same way. All of my friends live busy lives. We are moms, wives, workers and more. And, I am in the same boat with them all!  So, I could name 50 reasons why I choose not to wear ‘full glam’ everyday; but, I’ll go with a few just for today. And, yep you can probably guess the first one based on what I have already stated. But, I’ll say it anyway.

Busy Schedule – As I said in the first part of the message, (and I paraphrase it this time) Aint Nobody Got Time For That! If I can’t be cute in 5 (minutes that is), cute is out of the equation on most days. But, luckily I have mastered the art of the ‘Dash Out The Door Look’. *STAY TUNED FOR A GREAT TOOL THAT WILL HELP YOU WITH THIS!*

Full Face Is Not Necessary For Full Beauty (especially when off camera) – In any setting, makeup should enhance your look. It does not have to take over your look. Just a little bit of makeup can give you the polished and professional look that you are probably wanting from day to day. There is a such thing as OVER DONE in certain situations. And, I would venture to say that you DO NOT want people to give you that label??

Save Some Excitement For Later – If you pull all of your tricks out of the bag it will make it more difficult to get glammed up when you really want to go that extra mile! You will force yourself into using drastic measures in order achieve glamour that takes your look to the next level. Again, we want to avoid being labeled as OVER DONE! Their is actually a such thing as being TOO DOLLED UP! And, I don’t want that to be YOU!

So, let’s work together to get your personalized glamour perfected! Schedule a session and we can have some fun getting your look on point.

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