My First Pageant Experience!

My name is Nevaeh Azra Reid and I run a jewelry making business. I went to a fashion show on Saturday, October 28, 2017. It felt awesome to hear a lady shout out my name! Everybody was talking about me (because I made jewelry for the show). And the lady who said my name said my name would be up in lights one day. The fashion show was the best. This was going to be the best fashion show. I knew it was, because this was my first ever fashion show. The best part was having my friends and mommy come. AND, having Ms Constance win first place ribbon. I learned something special from today. I learned to always do your best because it will pay off. The most unexpected part was that they called my name. I was surprised because I did not know that they were going to say my name. I would love to go to another fashion show because it was great and awesome.
So adults and kids enjoy fashion shows for the rest of your life because they are amazing!
P.S. Here are my notes: I write my own articles. I just thought you should know. My mom does the edits; but, I create my own content.
And here are more pictures from the event. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “My First Pageant Experience!

  1. Demitria Davis says:

    My Gbaby is so awesome, I am always so proud of her. I wear her jewelry myself, I have some very beautiful pieces from her collection. Nevaeh you just keep pushing forward and keeping God first in your life and you will definitely go far…grandma loves you to the moon and back…💕💕💕

  2. Mrs. Atalia says:

    I am glad that you had a great experience at the fashion show. Keep doing your best! You make your mom and all your supporters so proud. I am sure we will definitely see and hear your name in the future especially when we can shop for your wonderful jewelry.

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