Signature Talks Include:

  • Girl, Make Yourself A Priority – As women who are busy taking care of everyone else in the world, sometimes we have to remind ourselves that it’s OK to take a moment for ourselves!
  • Happiness Happens – We get so caught up in doing what we think is expected of us from day to day that we forget to pay attention to the things that make us happy! Let’s discover peace, happiness, love, joy and spa moments that can be shared with everyone who comes into our circle.
  • Buildable Beauty – Let’s discuss what’s in your makeup bag and what should be. Then let’s learn to do a noticeably “put together look” in minutes.
  • Phases Of Understanding  – 5 Ways to apply next level thinking in order to gain clarity for any situation.
  • Business And Motherhood – As a working mother, I realize that everything I am is reflected in who she (my daughter) is becoming! We are learning and growing together!
  • I Am Pretty… – This is a conversational experience where young ladies participate in the discussion about what it is to be PRETTY… Pretty Awesome, Pretty Smart, Pretty Creative and so many other positive types of Pretty.
  • 5 Things Every Young Person Needs To Know About Starting A Business – Every young person has a business inside of them. Let’s dig deep and find what ideas are inside of you!

*Select a topic or let’s craft a personalized session for your group. 

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