Makeup Is Not All Or Nothing

So, you are either ‘Beat To The Gawds’ (and I DON’T love that term) or you are ‘Plain Jane’ (and that’s not my favorite slogan either)… But, you really don’t have to be either! As a matter of fact “all or nothing” thinking when it comes to makeup can have you looking an absolute MESS at times.  And, what’s even worse is that you may not even realize it because your girlfriend who told you that color was cute is not trained in professional makeup application. So, what she probably didn’t say is that it’s cute for THAT occasion; BUT NOT SO MUCH FOR THIS ONE! So, how do I know what’s appropriate??  That’s one of the most popular questions I get when women sit down to learn makeup application with me. And, honestly it’s not a question that can be completely answered in this one post.  However, here are a few notes that can help you with the basics…

  • Makeup looks different on camera compared to when you look at a person face on. Therefore, if you are going to be on camera a heavier coverage may be necessary for the affects of lighting and lenses.
  • Colorful (bright colors such as purple, blue, green) are better suited for photo shoots.  These are not the best color choices for most videos and for sure not great choices for most work environments.
  • If you do not cleanse your skin properly, your acne will over power your makeup.  Makeup does not cover up acne.  In some cases it will make the acne appear worse than it really is. Be sure to practice proper skin care on a daily basis. The benefits of your makeup application will become more noticeable instead of the breakouts that you don’t want people to see in the first place.

Please consider that there are exceptions to all of these “rules”.  So, do not take these notes so literally.  Instead, continue to ask questions, practices and learn from the pros.

If you really want to Master Your Makeup, I’m here to help!


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