This Month In The Magazines And The Word YES Have Some Things In Common

brown girl blogger, beauty, magazines

brown girl blogger, beauty, magazines

EVERYTHING about October’s Issue Lineup had me all about my YEEEEEEES!!! There were so many interesting COVERS! Let’s start there! I am super proud to see all the chocolate brown faces on all the different magazine covers!!!!! YEEEEEES! Everyone looks AMAZING. But, Ms Taraji…. on the cover of Marie Claire this month… That was a cute little twist!

brown girl blogger, beauty, magazinesAnd then that one is a Double Feature!! There are TWO Magazines in One this go around! Of course, I was all into the Beauty Report! I got you… I got you…

brown girl blogger, beauty, magazinesThe makeup ads always jump out at me. The colors are beautiful and a great set of transition colors for Fall. And it doesn’t hurt that the palette is by another (well her name is Natasha, but it’s close… Lol)…

brown girl blogger, beauty, magazinesListen! There was so much juiciness in the October Edition of all my favorites and then the extra bonus goodies took it over the top. Trust me… If you are not in the magazines, YOU ARE MISSION OUT ON SOME GOOD STUFF! Here are some links to some of my favorites to read. You can have them delivered straight to your doorstep! Treat yourself!

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