How To Win When You Feel Like It’s Game Time (In Life)!

game time, feeling stressedTried something a little bit different today! I took my moment early in the month this time… Like right here at the 1st of it!! I decided to do this because it feels like game time. It’s the final “double” 4… We are eight weeks away from (actually more like nine… you get a few bonus days) the New Year! Crazy right???

I feel like everyone is going to be talking to you about getting your life together. The messages will be coming at you from every angel from now until January 1st. And most of that conversation will be surrounded by the ‘get more money’ speech. But if you don’t get more of YOU, I promise money will become less and less of your big issue.

So ,I want you to make the decision NOW, to start thinking about the WHOLE SUM of what you want your New Year to start shaping up to be. And, if you ask me… (I hope I’m not intruding), it should start with self reflection and self care FIRST!! Once you get YOU together, I PROMISE all other things will start to look different for you! I hope you will take me at my word, but just in case you need some friends to walk this walk with you, be sure to keep your eyes posted to  all Upcoming Events coming up at the Boutique. We are going to be LASER FOCUSED on #GirlMakeYourselfAPriority ! We may be starting a movement!!!

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