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It’s important to have fun at work.  It gives you energy!  And, let’s face it, anything you naturally enjoy, you’re going to do better at it.  Everyday is not going to be easy.  And, sometimes there’s LOTS of work to be done.  However, when you enjoy your work, even the longest of days deem themselves worth your time and effort.  So, how do you get this “Funday Friday” feeling every time (well… at least MOST every time) you go to work?  I’m glad you asked…:-)

1. Love What You Do/Have Fun Doing It

I know this may sound cliche’, but bare with me!  I used to work a job that I was good at.  I just did not love it!  It made for the longest 10 years of my life!!!!!!  After awhile I was forced to assess my goals and dreams, decide what I desired for my future (outside of just making a living, but also as it related to created a healthy life), and choose what I was going to spend the rest of my working days doing.  I made choices.  We all do!  So, now I get to do what I love and love what I do!  Be careful about deciding a career for yourself; because, it is where you will spend majority of your time.  So, if you are going to spend/invest (entirely different blog post… lol), you may as well love what you do!

2. Change The Scenery

At least every now and again change things up.  One way is to get away from your everyday working space.  You could visit a local coffee shop to get some work done; or, visit a park on a nice day to change up your mood.  Even if you cannot leave your work space, bring some joy into it.  Fresh flowers are enough to brighten any day.  Add colors to your work space that rejuvenate you.  You would be amazed at how colors affect your energy.

3. Keep An Open Mind/Positive Energy

There’s that word energy again.  It’s really one of the key determining factors of how you will feel about your day!  What’s that saying???  “Your attitude will determine your altitude”.   It’s true.  The kind of vibe you give off will AFFECT your environment.  But, even more important, the kind of vibes you allow into your environment can INFECT it!!!  Be very protective of the energy around you!

4. Celebrate Often

This does not mean only when something big happens.  In life (in general) we do not celebrate our accomplishments enough! We, most times, shrug the smaller accomplishments (that lead to the bigger ones) off.  We even sometimes find comfort in recognized our mistakes way more often than we make an effort to recognize all the great things we are doing.  I’m encouraging you to celebrate more often!!  Let the world around you know that great things are happening!!!

5. Don’t Over Do It

Even when you love what you do, it is possible to experience “burnt out”.  Avoid it at all cost.  Set time aside to care for yourself.  You are the most important piece to the puzzle called Your Success.  Take breaks as needed.  Pay attention to what your body is telling you.  Every person is different.  You may or may not need as many break aways as the next person.   And, if you do NEED time away, recognize that.  What you want or don’t want can impose on what you NEED!!  Be aware and do not ignore what your body is telling you.

On top of it all, keep your motivation high by having a plan! Your “Monday-Friday” will thank you!

For tools to help you keep the right mindset, get energized and have fun at work check out our Motivation Corner. It’s always good to feed your mind!

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