3 Little Secrets To Rid Yourself Of Back To School Stress Out!

Welp, summer is either almost over or for some of us even officially over! If you haven’t thought about the back to school series of events that’s coming your way, I’m here to get you in gear!! Of course, as a busy mom you are probably already gathering ideas for how to ensure a great first day, first week, first month, great year. I get it! And, that’s why I’m honored to share my thoughts, tips and suggestions on how to make this a smooth transition for everyone… Mama included!

(1) Get A Routine Together. If you know what tasks you will want to accomplish on a regular basis, start practicing now. Have you thought about all the ‘to dos’ that have to be accomplished on a regular basis in order to be on track from day to day. For younger kids especially, there is a lot of effort that goes into a morning routine.  Plan that routine. Write it down on paper. If you like a digital plan like I do, try the Wunderlist App. You can load it from your Apple or Android store or you can log into it on your computer. I love Wunderlist because I can share things that need to be accomplished to my eight year old daughter’s list. She can pull her list up and complete all tasks assigned to her from day to day with out me having to repeat myself over and over again.

This still takes practice. So, you will definitely want to (2) Practice Your Routine. This will allow for tweaks and adjustments that need to be made. The earlier you can perfect the flow, the easier it will be to flow smoothly for day to day. It’s going to be a great idea to Start Early. I mean the entire process. Even if it’s only a few days of practice, get into your new school routine habits. No more all day trips to the zoo. No overnight sleepovers the week before school. Have “The Necessary Conversations” with your kid(s). Be sure they understand why you are helping them to make these adjustments. The more they are a part of the process, the more excited they will be to follow suit.

Even though I didn’t list it first, I would say one of the most important things to do in order to get prepared for this new early morning wake life is (3) Get Your Sleep Routine Down. This goes for you too mom! Everyone involved in the back to school process is going to need proper rest in order to ease tension and stress that come along with early morning wake ups and get ready morning routines. For some reason good rest seems to be a direct correlation to a good attitude in the morning. So, let’s set everyone up for the win.

(Bonus) Last but not least, get your kid(s) in the habit of having Regular Communication with you again. I know we are all about fun and flexibility during vacation time. But, now that school is here again, communication needs to be clear and present so that both kids and parents are in the know about what’s happening during these long days at school. I have asked my daughter (who’s still young enough to not be irritated by repeated questions to her) on several occasions over the last few weeks what she is most excited about as it relates to going back to school or going to the next grade level. She is always excited to give her answer. And, I am excited to listen; BUT, there’s a method to my madness. I am introducing school conversation back into our talk time. Turning her attention back to the idea that school is right around the corner has been my way to get her thinking more about school (that’s coming) and less about summer (that’s quickly fading away).

Overall, there are probable a million things we can do to help get ready for the new year that’s ahead of us. But, I hope these few will help you and your little one into a great start to a fantastically stress free school year!

If you have a tip that can help us mom’s feel free to share in the comments. We welcome all the help we can get from all the mom’s who are finding ways to live stress free (as much as possible) in a world full of tasks that can stress us for sure!

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